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BSA is an active, always changing organization which is constantly developing new ways to bring the efforts of its members to the attention of others.

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There are plenty of ways to participate, from songwriters workshops and open mic nights to releasing a song on our compilation CD.

BSA - Baltimore Songwriters Association

Songs From Our Circle 5

This year's compilation CD has been released and you won't want to miss out!  Visit CDbaby.com to listen to samples, download individual songs or purchase the full CD or Order now using Paypal or a major credit card!

In the four years since the BSA last released an open compilation, its song circles have heard hundreds of songs. Finding some of those tunes spruced-up for this collection is a wonderful joy. Many Members featured here have joined since that last compilation, some sharing their recording debuts. Conversely, a few stalwarts here also shared songs on the first BSA CD, four compilations ago. Regardless of tenure, the community of BSA Members is what makes the organization hum - the music is a bonus.

Thanks to the BSA Board for project approval, to Ty and Kate for being the CD Committee, to Eileen at Oasis, to the Members who've shared their songs, and to you the listener, an important reason why the BSA keeps sharing its music. Enjoy!

-Ken Gutberlet, BSA President, December 2009

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Songs From a Charmed City

This  CD "Songs From a Charmed City" was the result of a juried  songwriting competition held by the Baltimore Songwriters association. Over 80 songs were submitted by members of our organization. Judges from all across the music world volunteered their time to listen to all the wonderful songs submitted, and after a whole lot of listening, each judge selected his or her favorite 10 songs. This CD represents the top 20 songs submitted. This CD is also a celebration of the BSA's 10-year anniversary. Please check out each performers web page and information. And most of all thanks for supporting original music. Order now using your PayPal account or a major credit card!

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